“Low sales? Let us accelerate!”

Who we are…

BiRiTek is an California-based technology and services company. Beside its information technology solution and services BiRiTek also offers better marketing opportunities and sales acceleration to its customers. As one of the member of BiRi Group, our solutions and services are being used now in United States, Canada, Turkey and China as well.

BiRiTek team consists of customer and market driven sales representatives who specialize in accelerating prestige of your product range. With our team you are going to be empowered for better communication, on-time high level initiatives and profitable & expanded sales by reaching you out to best possible clients in USA.

What we do…

BiRiTek has a sales acceleration program that assists the companies which work business to business to expedite their sales. If you have innovative products, professional services or technology consumer goods but struggle with selling them, that is where BiriTek gets on the stage.

In order to keep pace with fast changing customer/business demands and rapidly escalating technology advances, you must develop innovative products in the complex and highly regulates environment. Within the scope of sales acceleration service, BiRiTek also provides consultancy and training for you are being ready to USA regulations and avoid outmoded products.

Who can benefit…

Any company which wants to expand their sales in USA may benefit from sales acceleration program. Especially it is quite convenient and beneficial for companies located outside of USA.

Service Terms in short:

  • Contract based model (Fixed monthly service fee and plus commission over sales total)
  • Service fee will be estimated based on the product and its coverage.
  • The first 6 months fee must be paid in advance, remaining is optional.
  • Commission rate will be calculated based on the product, its coverage, price and volume.
  • All agreements start with an non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for your confidentiality.


Communication Languages…

English and Turkish.