** Various financial and non-financial POS applications for reputed terminal vendors (Verifone, Lipman, Thales, KDE, Datacard, Castles and Schlumberger)

** Getting Class A and Class B certifications for Payment (POS etc) Terminals from processors like FirstData, Elavon, Paymentech, TSYS, Global, etc

** Vending Machine app with credit contact and cless (contactless) cards

** EMV and smart card support

** Remote Download solutions for terminal applications integrated w/ BiriPayTMS

** Integration of various check readers, contactless readers, cash registers

** BiriPayGW ready terminal/mobile applications

** A retail/restaurant pos/web/mobile application (BiriTermApp) on standard physical devices using XML interface to the payment host or BiriPayGW.

** The transaction types / features below are being able to be supported for both open loop and close loop credit/debit/prepaid cards:

– Auth only (Pre-Auth)

– Post-Auth

– Sale

– Return

– Void

– Tipping

– Server tracking

– Standard reporting, with tip reporting

– Dial backup

–       Campaign and loyalty fields

–        EndOfDay and batch upload trx

**  Implementation of many communication protocols  (WIFI, TCP/IP, GSM, GPRS, CDMA, PSTN, RS-232, SSL, Bluetooth, etc)

** BiriTermApp is ready to work with BiriPayTMS module for managing application parameters and key managing.