Biri payment gateway solution, named as BiriPayGW, includes processing both open and close loop cards initiated from the reader. A terminal application sends transactions to our gateway solution. Transactions may be EMV, magnetic or EC/MO pos condition code. BiriPayTMSBiriPayFrdBiriPayLCM, BiriPayTSP, BiriClosePay and 4DSecurity are auxiliary modules for payment gateway solution.

  • BiriPayTMS is a terminal configuration management module for managing terminal payment parameters and related keys.
  • BiriPayFrd is an artificially intelligent anti-fraud mechanism.
  • BiriPayLCM is a loyalty and campaign management system for payment transactions, cards and customers.
  • BiriPayTSP is a distinctive payment tokenization service provided by BiriTek technologies.
  • BiriClosePay is a close-loop payment end for private label (no global brand) cards and barcodes.
  • 4DSecurity is a first in the world facility of our payment gateway solution.

The payment gateway is flexible, reliable, scalable and high performance solution has standard routing functions for member institutions. Every network or bank can be integrated to the system on a specialized expandable gate structure. The gateway system manages all transactions during the day and settlement process at the end of the day.

The system also is ready for being integrated to customer backoffice for value added services (registration, accounting, billing and pricing process). No sensitive data is being shared with the member companies in the integration. With a tokenization process, the card number is replaced with a unique token number for upcoming process. The process also supports the PCI regulations.

BiriTek commits a solution for its customers, providing a flexible architecture for multi-channel integrations. Web services or TCP/IP integration can easily be generated and configurated on the product. The transaction routing mechanism are configurated for multi acquirer bank or network integrations. Product will be modular designed, supporting business implementations in different processes. This design also will support scalability of gateway product, enabling different processes to be executed in various places to achieve high speed transaction processing, load balancing and high availability of services.