Lify is Augmented Reality platform and app. Built your own system or brand by publishing AR content without new mobile app effort. Designing AR scene is very easy, convenient and fast with Lify, and development either. By the help of Wikitude SDK, developers only need to basic codes with JavaScript. Please contact us to get further support.

Lify app has an outstanding magic. Whenever user clicks on the link whatever used as a social media app (Facebook, Web, WhatsApp or e-mail), Lify initiates camera view with AR content immediately. Therefore, you can use Lify app as a base for your own application. This feature enables brands to use Lify as their window to AR world.

The steps to facilitate Lify platform as following:

To set it up:

To use:


Sample Restaurant Workshop Screenshot:

Sample Museum/Showroom Workshop Screenshot:

Sample Furniture/Appliances Workshop Screenshot:


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