Merchant Secure Payment Solution

In a word, its a proactive security for Merchants based frauds and damages. 4D-Security is a first in the world facility and can be deployed either standalone or be a part of our payment gateway solution. Customers who willing to use 4D-Security standalone might be any acquiring system which would like their acquiring system and merchants be hundred percent trustworthy. Integrating to 4D-Security needs some development works in the acquiring software system. BiriPayGW solution is ready to run along 4D-Security.

When the precautions and developments to reduce e-commerce frauds in Payment Card Industry (PCI) are analyzed, its figured out that there will be much promising work should be done. PCI has developed e-commerce security to a higher level by integrating 3D-Security mechanism. Although 3D-Security meets a big deficit by applying “Chip & PIN” virtually, the absolute security is not achieved in e-commerce by burnout of it. New model “Merchant Secure E-Commerce Model” is offered for preventing from malicious merchants.As the model controls the merchants’ confidentiality, it provides 3D-Secure transactions with fourth security domain (4D-Security). In order to reach “Zero Risk E-Commerce”, the study also offers cargo status integration and individual insurance of each order.

For preventing card owners from malicious merchants, we implemented a new accredited mechanism which guarantees that the merchants areup-to-date confidential and trustable. MSecure product provides  “Merchant Secure (M-Secure) E-Commerce Model” for worldwide usage. MSecure comprises MCSservices. “Merchant Control Servers (MCS)” keeps the merchants credibility score called as “E-Commerce Score (ECS)”. MCS is designed for responding to online and batch ECS inquiries at attention. This model provides fourth security domain to 3D-Secure transactions by controlling the merchants’ ECS values. Therefore, this product provides 4D-Security to e-commerce.